Reviews and Testimonies

“I love how you pursued the deeper questions with the ladies on the line tonight and how you held their feet to the fire. Don’t let the technology issues bother you too much because I enjoyed the session, you overcame the problems, and you pressed forward.

I enjoyed your session on Monday, January 17th. I appreciate how you draw in your audience and encourage them to participate. You have a good approach to your questions and how you dig deeper with individuals. I also like how you get people to focus more on an actual goal when you say, “that’s a wish and not a goal.

Thanks for including me last week.”


Retired Firefighter, Coach, Speaker, Trainer

“I really enjoyed this introductory class. It brought me awareness and the ability to stretch beyond my current situation and look forward to implementing and improving new ideas.

Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for your foresight.”

Veronica Lawrence

Real estate consultant, Berkshire Hathaway California Properties

“I enjoyed the presentation on Goals; very informative and useful. Diane Williams is very knowledgeable, attentive and really shows that she cares for our success and improvement.”

Miroslava Martinez


“Coach Diane Williams did a wonderful discussion on goals on January 17th. It was so helpful to me, and I have been writing goals for many years now. My biggest and most enlightening takeaway was when she discussed growth goals. I realized that I was heavily focused on performance goals, and not looking at any growth goals. ‘The growth goals,’ she said,  ‘would sustain you as you work toward the performance goals.’ Huge piece of information for me. I will change this year for the better because of that!

Several things she honed in on were believing in your goals, movement, making a goal clearer so the value level goes up. 

Coach Diane said that goals must align with values.

I also gained a lot by listening to the other participants. It really made me think about my own process when trying to achieve goals.

She was very good asking those questions that make you think, look, and see your own behavior.

Glad I took time for this workshop. It was worth it.

Thanks, Diane.”

Suzie Scott

Retired Educator