5 Benefits of Group Coaching

What is group coaching?

According to the International Coaching Foundation, group coaching happens when a group of 10 or fewer people are moving in a similar direction at the same time. A group can be coached for a specific time frame (such as 1, 3, 6, or 12 months) or the group coaching can be ongoing.

Group coaching is for those who are looking to take their life to the next level. It provides individuals with an opportunity to simultaneously work with a coach and work in a group of people who are interested in changing their perspectives to achieve the same goal. Both group and one-on-one coaching are equally valuable; however, the deliverables are different…

Five benefits that group coaching provides

  1. Sense of community. In small groups, the members get the opportunity to personally interact with each other. People build relationships, some of which may lead to working on creative projects together or even to joining one another in business partnerships. As group members are simultaneously working together on the same coaching topic, they move in the same direction; this leads to hyper focus, which increases momentum.
  2. Opportunity to meet and connect with likeminded people. Group coaching members are always learning from each other. People like to do business with likeminded people, and coaching is both a potential gateway to business and its own type of work.
  3. Cost benefits. Group coaching costs less per person than one-on-one coaching.
  4. Lower pressure. The pressure on the client diminishes in a group coaching setting, since the coach’s attention is distributed across the common goals and features of the group. This makes group coaching a great way to sample coaching, and it can segue into one-on-one coaching if you would prefer more focus on your individual goals.
  5. Greater accountability. The support of a group also increases individual accountability. When you are in a group coaching environment you benefit from a greater sense of perspective, hearing from others who are relatable in their goals while also being external to both you and the coach.

How do you determine if group coaching is for you?

Ask yourself: Is the group topic a challenge or a goal you desire?

Published by Diane Williams

Author. Freelance Writer. Copywriter. Inspirational Speaker. Coaching is a catalyst for professional and personal transformation and growth. Tune in to the Coach Diane Podcast, where Certified Coach Diane will discuss personal development, wellness, and leadership. I COACH TO SERVE... I COACH TO CONNECT... I COACH TO CHANGE...

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