Aim High

Aim to reach your goals and create the life you want in 2022! Be fearless as you propel on your journey of becoming a better “you” in 2022. Here are some strategies to help you dream big to aim high.

Dreaming big doesn’t have to mean wanting to be a millionaire or to become famous (although it could mean that for some of us…) Dreaming big just means wanting a life that’s bigger, and “bigger” is a relative term. If we currently have no dreams, dreaming bigger might just mean we should create a small goal that we want to reach. But even a modest or small dream can be difficult. If we knew how to dream bigger, we’d already be doing it, wouldn’t we? So how do you start to aim high while dreaming bigger? Stay tuned for the next 6 weeks and you’ll find out. Each week I will share one key strategy to help you aim high!

Week 1: Cultivate Confidence

To achieve big things, you first have to believe that you can. If we’re not sure we deserve to achieve big things, why would we try, right? That’s why the first thing we need to dream big is a confidence boost. To get this boost, try to remember a time when you succeeded in doing something you set your mind to. Or, if you have a hard time remembering a specific time you succeeded, look for role models that dared to dream big and achieve more than what was expected of them. Use your and others’ experiences as inspiration and motivation to cultivate confidence.

Published by Diane Williams

Author. Freelance Writer. Copywriter. Inspirational Speaker. Coaching is a catalyst for professional and personal transformation and growth. Tune in to the Coach Diane Podcast, where Certified Coach Diane will discuss personal development, wellness, and leadership. I COACH TO SERVE... I COACH TO CONNECT... I COACH TO CHANGE...

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